Sea Export

The below shown is a simplified process of clearing and forwarding for sea exportation. Principal Forwarders Ltd provides a complete end to end service from the time your consignment leaves your door to its loading on the vessel. While the above process is described in the simplest terms, there are quite a number of complicated processes that occur within each of the above steps. Some of these are classifying the goods using the correct East African Tariffs (HS Codes), using the approved KRA systems for declaration, coordination with various authorities such as KEBS, Health, shipping line etc for verification and coordination of transportation just to mention a few. Principal Forwarders Ltd takes all the above mentioned "headaches" away from you to give you, the Client a peace of mind knowing that your consignment will be safely delivered to your destination.


Welcome to Principal Forwarders Ltd. We provide the most efficient and hassle free clearing and forwarding service in the country, which is done through highly professional, qualified and experienced staff. Our office also employs the latest in technology and communications facilities to enable imports and exports to be handled professionally from documentation to release. Our facilities also enable documents to be tracked at any point in time, with expected arrival dates of the cargo and expected clearance date of the cargo being informed to the client at all times. The aim of this site is to provide you information about our reliable services and allow you to make an informed decision about engaging our services.

Clearing & Forwarding

We facilitate the clearing and forwarding of all import consignments from the port of Mombasa. This includes all containerized cargo, bulk cargo such as wheat, sugar, tea, coffee etc, we aso clear loose (LCL) cargo and project cargo for all non-profit organisations and multinational companies.

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